Getting Started


  • Download the app
  • Open the registration page, enter your Name & PIN, then click the Register button
  • You can now start using the app to make clocking & job transactions
  • You can also Login to the website for more details on your data
  • for more information, or if you need to register as part of a company, please read Step 3 below

Step 1 - Download the app

Whilst the app and website are still under development, only selected parties have been given the appropriate link to either download the app from the Google play store for Android devices, or the Microsoft store for windows 10 devices. We do not currently have a trial for Apple, however this will be announced in due course.

if you require more information, would like to register your interest, or become involved in pre-release testing, then please contact us at info@MyClock.NET

Step 2 - Check your settings (Optional)

Pressing the hamburger menu button, then selecting Settings, presents you with various options to configure the device to your own needs. You generally do not need to change any settings to get started but the details here are given for completeness

Save Location Of In/Out You can disable the logging of the users clocking location by moving this switch to the left, for example when you are running the app on a static desktop pc who's position is unlikely to change. Some users may also require more privacy and do not wish to have their wherabouts recorded, in which case this allows for that scenario, however the tracking of locations is what this system is all about, so to disable it for all but the most extreme circumstances seems a little pointless.
Save Location Of Job This does the same as the above, but for whenver Jobs are recorded
Allow Send By Cellular Disallowing send by cellular will only transmit data whenever a WiFi (or Ethernet for a desktop PC) is available, and will not use any cellular allowances. The cost of transmitting the small packets of data MyClock.NET produces is minimal, however this can be selected if desired.
Use Device Time This option allows either use of either the internal date & time stored in the device, or to get the clocking time from an internet time server. Unattached users (Account 0) have a choice of what method to use, and those that are part of a company with a live account have it set on the device record by their administrator. The primary reason we use a time server, is to stop users 'winding back' or forward the time to make it appear they were at a location when they were not. Unattached users have complete freedom of what method to use. If the administrator needs to change the method, it will get reset the next time the user makes & transmits clockings, or presses the Register button
History Display Days choose the number of days to be able to scroll through on the main screen. The more days you enter here, the slower things may become on older devices with less memory and power, so we advise only selecting the number of days you need. All historical data is retained, this is just for display purposes.
Desired GPS Accuracy You have several options to glean the location accuracy of your transactions, and we recommend keeping it on medium as this is a good trade-off between accuracy and speed, as setting the highest accuracy is not the full picture, as other factors such as access to a good signal may affect the reading, and all you may be doing is increasing the time to get the best location it can, which will possibly be close to the recommended setting anyway
Last Sent Transaction ID This is shows the last transaction number sent to the host server. We have allowed this to be manually changed to allow re-transmission of data, however YOU SHOULD NOT MANUALLY CHANGE THIS unless directed by your administrator, as it may produce duplicate clockings that will need to be dealt with.

Step 3 - Register your device

After installing the app, you will notice both the Clock & Job buttons are disabled. Before you can use them, you must take the following steps to register your device with us, then once this has been done it will operate as intended

Press the hamburger menu button (top left), select Registration, then enter the values as follows

Name This is a mandatory entry and helps identification on the system. If you are part of a company it also helps the administrator know which device a person is using
Email Address You do not have to fill this in, however doing so will greatly help you as it allows your account administrator to keep you informed of important information
PIN Choose your own 4 digit PIN, or leave it blank to let the system allocate you one. You will need this number to be able to login to the web-site or when registering other devices
DeviceID This is automatically allocated by the registration process to uniquely identify each device. If you change or add an extra phone, you will need to register the new device which and will be allocated a new number
UserID When you make your first registration please leave this blank and you will be allocated your user number automatically. If you add more devices, or upgrade, you will need to enter your UserID here to link your details across all devices, and prevent multiple user records being created for you. Subsequent registrations also require you to enter your PIN.
AccountID If You have been registered before or are part of a company, please enter the account number number you have been given here else leave it blank. If you enter an inappropriate account, the administrator of that company will not know who you are when you flag up as a new user, and is unlikely to accept your request for registration. In this case you will need to email us so we can reassign you to the correct account as account administrators only have access to their own data and know nothing about other companies using the system
After entering the above details please click the Register button to update the status and activate the app, however please note that second and subsequent device registrations, or where a registration is part of a company, will need to be authorised by your administratior before being allowed to 'hook in' to their account, in which case you will either be notified that the request has been accepted, or you can just re-click the Register button at a later time


  • We do not forward any personal information or email address's disclosed to us to any third parties
  • Screenshots have been taken using a generic Android emulator using O/S API 24 which is v7.0 (Nougat). We have also set the phone text size to 'large', however no matter what the make or model of your own phone it should appear pretty much the same
  • Clicking the Register button multiple times will not make multiple requests, you can (and should) do this if you wish to change your name or update your PIN on the website
  • The Save & Restore buttons are used for saving both the registration details and your settings on the phone itself, outside of the scope of the MyClock.NET app. We believe this can be a good idea in case you uninstall the app and need to re-instate it later, as all settings and data are wiped when you uninstall.

Step 4 - Make clockings

  • To make a time and attendance 'in' or 'out' clocking, press the button marked Clock
  • To make a 'job' clocking, press the button marked Job then input your job number. You do not need to 'log off' a job, simply entering a new job will log you off the old one automatically as the new job starts
  • As soon as a clocking is made, it is transmitted to the website host server (if a connection is available)
  • If the connection was unavailable at the time of making the clockings due to no signal or wifi, any untransmitted clockings will appear in the list with a light red background. When a connection becomes available, simply press the Send button, or it will be transmitted with the next clocking
  • Pressing a previously recorded transaction will show the location on the map, and a further press of the map pin will retrieve the address. You can zoom the map, view street, Satelite or a hybrid images, and even select other dates & times to pin those locations on the current view


Step 5 - Login to the web portal

Choosing the Login option on this website, or pressing the Web button on the app, will require you to enter your UserID number and PIN. Evaluation system or regular users can then select the available options from the user menu

Live accounts, and company administrators are presented with more options on the Admin menu to enable them to maintain the staff under their control