Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and snippets of information that may help you use MyClock.NET More Effectively

Do i need to install any client or server software on my PC?

Nope, apart from downloading the mobile or desktop app, everything is web-based, although we will shortly have a link into our WinBase.NET T&A/Job costing system for those who require a more sophisticated solution.

What if i wish to use mobile devices but require a more sophisticated solution

We will shortly have a link into our WinBase.NET T&A/Job costing system, which will allow a mixture of traditional time clocks as well as mobile devices

What is geocoding?

Geocoding is taking an address or part address, then converting it into latitude and longitude co-ordinates. For example geocoding 'Leeds, England' will return latitude 53.794800, longitude -1.546530 which is in the center of the city at the train station.  For example on the MyClock.NET Account record you can specify the central point to view your user locations on the map (which may not necessarily be the same as your office or billing address).

Reverse geocoding does the opposite of geocoding, and is at the heart of MyClock.NET. It takes as input latitude and longitude values sent by the mobile app, converting them into a recognisable place name or address. For example the above co-ordinates of (53.794800, -1.546530) will return a true address of 'Platform New Station Street, Leeds, LS1 4JB'.

For convenience and to avoid using the more verbose 'Reverse Geocoding', we interchangably use the term 'Geocoding' for both methods

What web browsers does the system support?

We have tested the system on Firefox, Firefox developer edition, Chromium, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera & Internet Explorer 11 and have found no issues

Where can i download the mobile app for android devices?

Currently the app can be downloaded from the Google play store by invitation only

Where can i download the mobile app for Windows devices?

Currently the app can be downloaded from the Microsoft store by invitation only

Where can i download the mobile app for Apple devices?

Currently the app is being developed for iOS and we have no trial version yet

What do i sometimes see 3 dots '...' at the end of an address i have just geocoded on the mobile app?

This appear the first time you have selected a transaction & clicked the map pin to geocode the address. A subsequent press of the same transaction at a later time will not show the dot's as the address has been stored in the database.

How can i be sure the clocking times from the app are accurate?

Whenever a user makes either a clocking in/out or job change, we have the ability to retrieve the current time from an NTP internet time server and not use the internal clock in the mobile device. This is a configurable setting made by the account administrator on the device record named 'Use Device Time'. Normally you would switch this off so it uses the time from an NTP server instead, however unattached sole traders and those not part of a company may always want to use the time stored in their phone as it is slightly faster to make a transaction, with any errors being their own responsibility

We do this because it has been known for some of the more unscrupulous users to either wind the clock back before clocking in when late, or wind it forward before clocking out for overtime purposes.

To help monitor any differences between the two times, we have a column in the clockings grid named NTP which shows the difference in seconds between the true NTP time used, and the mobile device time, to see if any users are attempting to subvert the system, which we can summarise this as follows:

  • You may like to ignore any differences upto 60 seconds, as this means the two times are close
  • A negative value means the NTP time is BEFORE the device time, generally good for clockings IN's. A large positive value may suggest the device time has been 'wound back'
  • A positive value means the NTP time is AFTER the device time, generally good for clockings OUT's. A large negative value may suggest the clock has been 'wound on'
  • A value of 0 means either the employee is always using the device time instead of the NTP server Time, (As per the Device Record Setting), they had no cellular or WiFi coverage, either because were in a 'dead zone', or switched the device into 'Airplane mode', (in which case the app has little choice but to use the device's internal time), or the device has 'Automatic date and time' (Use network time) set, which makes both the times the same.
  • While we would not suggest accusing anyone of being 'at it', inconsistent variations over a period of time in the NTP number may warrant investigation