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Welcome to www.MyClock.NET

What is MyClock.NET?

MyClock.NET is a simple to use mobile app 'front-end' with a website 'back-end' to enable users to easily log times and locations using their own device.

Who is it for?

  • Companies that require time & attendance without investing in potential costly hardware
  • Individual tradesmen who need to record time spent at customers premises for accurate billing
  • Companies who need to ensure employee's fulfill on-site obligations such as healthcare, cleaners, or service engineers
  • Users of WinBase.NET who require employee's to make clockings with mobile devices in addition to (or instead of) dedicated clocking terminals

How does it work?

  • Download the mobile (or desktop) app from the appropriate store
  • Register your device (you are not asked for any personal details)
  • Start recording your clocking data
  • Login to the website for more detailed information on the transactions you made

Get Started

MyClock.NET is still under development and currently undergoing extensive testing, however if you require more information, would like to register your interest, or become involved, then please contact us at info@MyClock.NET